Our Mission:  To instill a sense of dignity in our customers by providing superior shoe care products and uplift marginalized communities through partnership and philanthropy.  


Our Values:

  • Integrity - Adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values. 
  • Fearlessness - There are no failures, only lessons.
  • Authenticity - Live your divine purpose.
  • Philanthropy - To whom much is given, much is required. 
  • Legacy - Create Yours.


Our Vision: To encourage people around the globe to walk their path, trust their journey, and step into their greatness. While they’re making marks on the world that can’t be erased, we’ll take care of the ones that can be.  


Our Story: Bodine Clean is a family-owned business, lovingly founded by Jeff, Kyle, and Taylor Martin, in memory of their larger-than-life personality of a Father, Jeffrey “Bodine” Martin Sr.

“Bodine” [boh•deen] was an entrepreneur, a passionate traveler, and a beloved father and husband who firmly believed that dreams can and do come true through hard work and dedication. He instilled in his sons the value of fearlessness in pursuing their aspirations, the importance of staying true to themselves with unwavering integrity, and the significance of supporting others on their journey to create their own legacies.

The profound impact he had on our lives is something we cannot keep to ourselves, and so, we proudly share his enduring legacy with the world.

As sneaker enthusiasts, we crafted our solution and brand with meticulous detail with a clear goal of establishing ownership in a culture where the true tastemakers often go unnoticed.

So, while you're making marks on the world that can’t be erased, let us take care of the ones that can be. Don’t just settle for clean, get Bodine Clean!